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Rights of publicity. A text by Carlson Analytics

Carlson Analytics. Rights of publicity. Carlson Analytics intellectual property (on line). September 2006, (page consulted the 02/15/2007), accessible on:

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Title: rights of publicity

Creator: Carlson Analytics

Subject: USA, law; right of celebrity; right of personality; right of publicity

Description: Presents the right of publicity in United States of America, gives defines of concepts related to the rights of publicity and the American legislation. It also gives cases of personalities or firms which had problems with it and a selection of links and interesting documents about this subject

Publisher: Carlson analytics

Date: September 2006

Type: Text

Format: HTML

Identifier: URL:

Language: English (USA)

Coverage: United States of America

Rights: © Copyright Caslon Analytics

Extract:Personality Rights is an area of intellectual property that has gained most attention in the US for protection of pop culture idols such as Elvis Presley and that poses interesting challenges for internet publishing.”

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An American law article

Right of publicity

By Lloyd L RICH

RICH, Lloyd L. Right of publicity. The publishing law center (on line). 2000, (page consultée le 30/11/2006), accessibilité:

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Title: Right of publicity

Creator: RICH, Lloyd L

Subject: American constitution, first amendment constitution, right of privacy, right of publicity.

Description: Presents the Right of Publicity in the United States. It gives a general definition in the introduction, the different cases which this right is valid and explains the first amendment protection.

Publisher: Publishing Law Center

Date: 2000

Type: Text

Format: html

Identifier: URL:

Language: English (US)

Coverage: United States

Rights: © Copyright 2000 Lloyd L. RICH

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Definition/context: That body of law that protects the works created by writers, painters, photographers, performing artists, inventors and other persons who create intangible property.

French equivalent: tout droits réservés


Copyright notice

Definition/context: The words "Copyright ©2003 by Don R. Pember," for example, which indicate to a user that a work is copyrighted by the author or creator

French equivalent : notice de tout droits réservés


Intellectual Property

Definition/context: property that can be protected under federal law, including copyrightable works, ideas, discoveries, and inventions. Such property would include novels, sound recordings, a new type of mousetrap, or a cure for a disease.

French equivalent: droit de propriété intellectuelle


Invasion of privacy

Definition/context: A civil tort that emerged in the early 20th century and contains four distinct categories of legal wrongs: appropriation, intrusion, publication of private facts and false light

French equivalent : atteinte à la vie privée


Photography rules (USA)

Definition/context: (general) anyone may take photographs of whatever they want when they are in a public place or places where the have permission to take photographs. Absent a specific prohibition such as statue and ordinance, you are legally entitled to take photographs.

French equivalent : Règlement de la photographie


Right of privacy

Definition/context: Right of a person to be free from intrusion into matters of a personal nature. Privacy is a right not to have one's intimate life and affairs exposed to public view or otherwise invaded. Less broad protections of privacy are afforded public officials and others defined by law as “public figures”

French equivalent: droit au domaine privé


Right of privacy: personal autonomy

Definition/context: this right only protects privacy of family, marriage, motherhood, procreation, and child rearing for example, abortion.

French equivalent: droit au domaine privé